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A Few Of Our Favorite Things

July 3, 2017

We’re not your average businessmen. While we clean up alright, or so the ladies say, you won’t find us donning an Italian suit jacket or a fifty-dollar haircut any time soon. We’re just some music-lovin’, bourbon-drinkin’ boys who enjoy nothing more than a tin of good dip and a Miller Lite happy hour.
Here’s a quick vid and a few of our favorite things below the fold to properly introduce ourselves. Like we said, not your average businessmen. 

Our Favorite Drinks

Mark Hanson, President: Scrimshaw pilsner – super clean drinking beer that you can put away 15 of and not get sick of them.
Jeffery David, Co-Founder: Water! And any bourbon made by Four Roses.

Our Favorite Songs

Mark: It’s a tie between “Deep Cover” by Snoop & Dre and “Rooster” by Alice in Chains. Both ushered in a totally new sound in music and combine great storytelling with awesome layered production.
JD: “Purple Rain,” obviously the best song written in the history of the world and the guitar solo melts your face off.

Our Favorite Sports Teams

Mark: Green Bay Packers. Parents were both born in Wisconsin, so I grew up watching Packers games and got to see the start of the Favre era. Dad finally got season tickets to Lambeau Field after being on the waiting list for 40 years in 2016, so we’re finally in!
JD: Detroit Tigers. I grew up in Michigan and first started dipping on baseball diamonds, so if I’m not rocking a Black Buffalo cap, you’ll usually see me repping The Tigs.

Our Favorite Ways To Chill

Mark: Playing Grand Theft Auto (San Andreas or V), listening to old Opie & Anthony shows, or watching animal attack clips on YouTube (favorite predator: eagle).
JD: Cooking and anything related to music frees my mind. Plus, relaxing on the deck smoking cigars is always a favorite past-time.

Our Favorite Things To Do While Dippin’

Mark: Watching UFC or football hanging out at a dive bar sipping beers; if not that, dominating a TouchTunes jukebox at said dive bar (I’ve achieved International Icon status in the TouchTunes universe – the highest level you can reach – which is either a point of pride or source of embarrassment, not sure which)
JD: I used to love surfing with a heater in, which most people found super weird but I loved it. Present day, it’s dippin’ while cruising in the truck with my lady and our dog.
Check back with us for an extended interview we did to talk a bit more about the inner workings behind the Black Buffalo brand. Dippin’, sippin’, chillin’ – that’s the way we keep it.

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