Why Do People Chew Smokeless Tobacco?

January 7, 2022

smokeless tobacco

Ritual, taste, habit, buzz — every smokeless tobacco user has a different reason why they chew, just as everyone who comes to Black Buffalo has a different reason why they’re looking for a tobacco alternative. 

As longtime dippers ourselves, everyone at the Black Buffalo team has their own story behind why we chewed smokeless tobacco as well as what encouraged us to create (after looking for and failing to find) an alternative that, though it did not contain tobacco leaf or stem, would still satisfy like the real deal. Our journey with smokeless tobacco began as part of growing up in the Midwest. Tobacco dip was taboo to some, but we didn’t care. We dug it. Still do. And so do nearly 10 million other Americans.

Rather than spouting out some corporate platitudes on why people chew smokeless tobacco, here are some stories straight from the herd all about how they keep the tobacco ritual with Black Buffalo. 

Cameron’s Story: Keeping The Tobacco Ritual

“I first started dipping when I joined my local fire department. My buddy had me try some after a particularly stressful structure fire. I've been on and off since, switching usually between Gr***** and Co********. I go through a can every couple days now since getting work in the coal mine. It keeps off the stress of the other shifts making us midnight dwellers do the shit they don't want to do, and it also helps with the hour and a half drive to the mine,” shared Cameron O. from Pennsylvania. 

“I first saw an ad for Black Buffalo on YouTube one day after getting off work and decided that once I got some money coming in, I was gonna try it. Turns out, it was about the same price as the stuff I usually dip. It’s nice, because I get everything I need out of it – the nicotine burn, the satisfying mouth feel, good flavor – without anything I don’t. It’s just like regular smokeless tobacco to me. I started out with their five can sampler pack of long cut flavors, so now I’ll dabble in a different 2-pack every week or so.” 

“It’s been great. Nothing’s really changed in my smokeless tobacco ritual, except now I’m not dipping tobacco leaves or stems. Like they say, same taste, same pack, same nicotine. I’ve been dipping for seven years now, and I’m grateful that I was able to move to a tobacco alternative so quickly without a problem.”

Don’s Story: Smokeless Tobacco Roots

“I’ve been competing in rodeos about near my whole life, which, with chewing smokeless tobacco, is about as classic American as you can get. Tie-down roping, saddle bronc riding, even bull riding, but barrel racing was a lot of fun when I was younger, too. There’s a rich culture in the American rodeo that doesn’t seem to be as popular across the country as someone in it might think. Same goes for dipping, I think. If you know, you know, type of thing. Just one of those things that brings folks together,” shared Don M. from Wisconsin.

“I’ve been going through a log a week for as long as I can remember, and yeah, sometimes more on the weekends. Cracking open a fresh tin every morning is about as much of a ritual for me as actually dipping. I first tried Black Buffalo’s tobacco alternatives because I liked the story that you guys have that teaches us all to never give up on life and keep pushing forward. I like the Wintergreen flavor you all have. To me, it’s even better than most smokeless tobacco brands I’ve used over the years.”

“Black Buffalo reminds me a lot of the rodeo. Charge Ahead. It means that no matter what life hands you, you just have to work hard and keep moving forward. I want to show others how to be better and never give up, and Black Buffalo is part of that.”

Jason’s Story: Chewing Tobacco Changes

“To make a long story short, all my life people around me were always smoking and chewing. It’s honestly one of those unfortunate things that stuck with me, but nothing compared to it. Being a mechanic it’s easy just to throw a dip in and cruise through a ten or twelve hour day,” shared Jason C. from Nevada. 

“It was time to make a change. That change was Black Buffalo and it was long overdue. I honestly wanted to get away from vaping and chewing smokeless tobacco. My wife hates it and I don’t like it. I have no clue what could happen down the road if I keep doing it. I have a boy on the way and I want to be around for that as long as I can. Gotta at least show him how to swing wrenches before I disappear. With Black Buffalo, I know what I’m dipping. I haven’t touched the big name smokeless tobacco since making that change.”

“Charge Ahead means to overcome, to come out on top no matter the struggles life throws at you, be a leader and fight for what you love. I grew up in a smaller town with a father that chose other things over my mother and myself. Her being a single mother to my half sister and I,  she still managed to provide no matter how close we were to losing it all. I was very young when she would tell me one day it will be better and sure enough it is. She charged ahead to just show me how much crap you can go through and still come out on top. Now it’s my turn to show my son to not settle for ordinary, be humble, and anything is possible.”

“My future is up in the air but to be honest I’ll never settle. For now I’ll throw some Black Buffalo in, swing wrenches, and just focus on being a good father and husband.”   

Everyone charges ahead their own way. No matter why you started to chew smokeless tobacco, you have a place in the herd if you want to keep the ritual without the tobacco leaf or stem. No matter where you roam, you’re in good company. 

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