Our New Year Resolutions

January 12, 2024

New year, same goal: grow and take care of the herd.

Since Day One, Black Buffalo has committed to creating the world’s best smokeless tobacco alternative and building a brand that stands for something on top of it. Dip is more than just a product. It’s a lifestyle. A ritual. A camaraderie. An experience. In order to create the world’s best nicotine pouches & long cut, we need to create the best experience, too.

Whether you’re shopping online or buying in store, we’ve got some big goals for 2024 to enhance your experience even more, from farm to can and every step after.

America’s Best

We genuinely believe our long cut is the best alternative to traditional tobacco products available on the market.

It starts with the leaf and our partnerships with American farmers. Our 20,000+ hours of R&D ultimately led us to the cabbage family as the best replacement for tobacco leaves as our base ingredient. When grown and cured right, it’s fibrous and strong enough to replicate the experience of tobacco better than anything else that’s grown naturally.

Our recipe and ingredients have never nor will ever change; however, we’ve been working with America’s best agriculturalists to harvest the most optimal leaves to truly match – or beat – the experience of traditional long cut. Every can is packed with America’s best.

The “S” Word: Shipping

According to third-party consumer surveys, the number one complaint about buying products online is in regards to shipping. And yes, that even includes Amazon. This is frustrating to everyone, but especially for Black Buffalo because that is one of the few areas of the business where we are not onsite to fix issues ourselves.

Our third-party logistics partner (the industry term for the folks who pack & ship your orders) has introduced many process improvements towards the end of 2023 to further improve on the headaches we’ve all experienced. The Dip Angels have also expanded with the addition of a dedicated Inventory & Fulfillment Manager to spearhead continual enhancements to our process.

Our goal for 2024 is to make shipping as reliable and affordable as the leading ecommerce websites . Even if we can’t have Black Buffalo vans deployed all across the country personally delivering your dip to your door, we want it to feel like we do.

In-Store Availability & Transparency

Know where to find what you’re looking for.

It seems simple enough, but with tens of thousands of stores across the country, it can be challenging to stay on top of each location. Nevertheless, we understand that if you go to a store expecting to buy Black Buffalo Wintergreen Pouches and it’s not there, you will still end up buying Wintergreen Pouches … but from some other brand.

We’re working on a more robust Store Locator that will show you specifically which stores carry your dip of choice, as well as easier ways to access any available coupons from the convenience store chain for shopping there.

Remember to save and scan your receipts to earn Herd Points for in-store purchases. The Dip Angels sourced a slew of high-quality swag exclusive to Herd Rewards, so you don’t need to buy online to rep the herd.

Supercharged BlackBuffalo.com

More folks than ever are coming to BlackBuffalo.com.

Reading reviews to compare with similar products like those Modern Oral Nicotine (MON) white nicotine pouches. Searching for their nearest store to buy Black Buffalo in town. And of course buying the world’s best tobacco alternative.

Our all-star Web Development team has put together a roadmap of exciting website upgrades for 2024 with one thing in mind: easy. Easy to buy. One-click re-up. Subscription made simple. And most importantly … no more website glitches (and an easy way to report ‘em if you see ‘em).

More Ways To Charge Ahead

A simple yet fun referral program. Interactive ways to share your experience with Black Buffalo. Exciting rewards that you can’t get anywhere else.

The Dip Angels have a year of amazing ways to Charge Ahead in store for the herd. If you have any ideas to share, feel free to reach out to us at info@blackbuffalo.com. We always welcome feedback.

Together, 2024 is going to be a record year. We’re glad to be dippin’ with you, boss.

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