WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Everything You Love, Nothing You Don't.

A smokeless tobacco alternative that delivers the same experience as traditional products.

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The closest thing you've ever seen to real dip. Available in Wintergreen, Mint, Straight, Peach and Blood Orange. Bold flavors and a nicotine kick you can feel. Proudly made in the USA with food-safe ingredients and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine.

No Compromise

The same texture, flavor, and nicotine that you're used to

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“I’ve looked for alternate products to get away from tobacco but nothing came close to Big Tobacco's products until I came across Black Buffalo.” Navy SEAL, 31
“Gave the product a try, enjoyed it and would not have known the difference between the real stuff if not told.” Tobacco Farmer, 29

Born in the Midwest. Raised in the South. Charge Ahead.

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Born in the Midwest. Raised in the South. Charge Ahead.

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