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We charged ahead with Black Buffalo to create the world's only smokeless tobacco alternative that satisfied like the real deal. We didn't stop until we developed a final product that we would want to switch to ourselves as lifelong dippers. From there, our passionate customers have helped us grow into a loyal herd. 

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Reviews of Tobacco Alternative Black Buffalo

"Your guys' dip is the closest alternative to real dip that I’ve ever had. The Wintergreen Long Cut is simply amazing."

Austin K., U.S. Army Sergeant

"Just wanted to drop a note to tell you how great I think your product is. I’m 46 and dipped all my life. This is hands down the best non-tobacco product I have ever tried and I have tried them all. Great feel, taste, and nicotine. I’m spreading the word about your company to all my tobacco using friends. I have even gotten my two sons switched from tobacco to Black Buffalo!"

Bert M., Georgia

"I've been quitting dip for the last 15 years and I've tried all the fake dips out there. I read a review on you guys and decided to give you a shot. Didn't have high expectations because I've been down that road before and ended up going back to the real stuff. I just got your dip in the mail and put one in. You guys are f***ing awesome. Finally! Something that actually compares to real dip. You have no idea (or maybe you do) how big of a relief this is for me. Will be ordering more soon and looks like you picked up another lifelong customer. THANK YOU."

John P., Oklahoma

"Just received my order of the Big 3-Pack and have to say that I am really impressed with it so far. I've tried other alternatives and you weren't joking when you said no one else has got it right. Well done."

Josh F., Wisconsin

"The packaging is great! It has the same feel and texture of regular dip. Upon first use, I've had the same experience as I've had with any traditional dip. The taste of the Blood Orange Long Cut is a nice citrus blend, and better than most flavored dips. The price in my area is not even comparable. I see Black Buffalo becoming my new brand."

Danny A., Massachusetts

"I would like to reach out to you guys and say thank you. Ever since joining the Marine Corps, I have been a regular dipper. I quit, start again, it is an awful battle. So I have tried all the other non-tobacco products and by far, really far, your product is damn well close to the real thing. It just feels true to form. Eventually I will quit the habit, but for now you guys have made it possible to steer far and clear of traditional dip."

Kris B., U.S. Marine Corps

"I just received the Big 3-Pack in the mail today. Very fast shipping by the way, thank you for that. I cracked the first can which was the Straight Long Cut. My god, I gotta say you guys hit this outta the park. The texture, taste, smell, and the nicotine buzz was dead on. All those years of hard work has really paid off. I wanted to personally thank you for all that work y’all have done on what I and many others thought to be impossible. Not only will I buy more on a regular basis, but you now have a lifelong customer."

Brandon C., Ohio

"I’ve tried dang near every “alternative” on the market and this is by far the BEST. I have been off tobacco for almost 3 years now. If I didn’t find this product when I did, I would’ve already picked the tobacco back up."

Aaron C., Texas

"Hey BB! I tried your dip for the first time with the Mint Long Cut. I absolutely love it!! I recently just ordered some Peach Long Cut to try, and just want to say it’s the best idea in the world! Thank you for doing what you do!!"

Colten S., Missouri

"Howdy! I have said it before, but I'll say it again … this is hands down, the absolute best dip I have ever chewed. I am a firefighter from Canada and I now have a few guys on my department who have made switch to Black Buffalo. I chewed [Big Tobacco brand] Wintergreen for years, and I can't even tell the difference. Thank you."

Andrew S., Ontario

"Just wanted to thank you guys for this incredible product. I had been trying to quit dipping for 6 years and finally with your product I can say I'm going on month number 8 without tobacco. I'm sure you guys get messages like this all the time, but I personally wanted to say thanks. Keep doing what you're doing, you've got a customer in me for a long time."

Christian P., Massachusetts

"I don't typically go to the trouble to do this, but just wanted to say, you've got a great product. The Black Buffalo Straight Long Cut tastes and smells just like [Big Tobacco brand] straight. You guys are on the ball with this. I'm actually quitting chewing tobacco, and not sure I could have done it without you."

Jonathan L., Texas

"I’ve been using your product since last year. You guys are doing an awesome job. It’s so close to the real thing. Real life saver. Keep up the great work. Been off tobacco dip since July 2018 because of you guys. Take care."

Derek G., New York

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for creating such an awesome product. I have tried multiple forms of non-tobacco alternatives and still end up going back to tobacco. But your product has everything that I require: the good pinch, the burn, and the nicotine. I use it on a daily basis, due to my stress levels as a chemistry PhD student. I just wanted to say that your product has won me over. Thank you!"

Matt O., California

"I ordered Black Buffalo and 3 other non-tobacco, full-nicotine dip alternatives last week as an experimental run to see if any could come close to the real deal. Black Buffalo blew the others out of the water! The taste, texture, and satisfaction are top notch. I just ordered two rolls to keep up the inventory. I have been chewing tobacco for nearly 20 years, and I haven’t had a taste of tobacco since I tried Black Buffalo."

Aaron P., Pennsylvania

"I just received my first order of Mint Long Cut, and It's incredible! Until now I could not find a non-tobacco substitute that would take the place of [Big Tobacco brand]. I threw my last 1/2 can of [Big Tobacco brand] away. I won't be needing it anymore."

Tom C., New York

Customer Service

Reviews of Tobacco Alternative Black Buffalo

"This is great marketing and customer service. I really respect this. This is one of the many things I’ve really appreciated and respected about your company. On top of that, your product quality and brand experience is top of the line. Months ago, I actually dabbled in some real tobacco, and found myself longing for a pinch of Black Buffalo Mint instead. You’re more juicy, more flavorful and just overall more enjoyable than the big name tobacco brand I dabbled in."

Jeremy S., Pennsylvania

"Just wanted to thank you. I think it's great that you're listening to your customers. I started with Black Buffalo early last year, the main goal was to cut back on cigars. I was to the point where I was smoking 3+ a day and was looking for a non-tobacco alternative. I tried some of the other coffee and tea leave alternatives, but it just didn't cut it. After trying your product, I've been able to cut back to maybe a cigar a week. I hope you guys continue to succeed in this venture!"

Josh L., California

"Man you guys are hands-down the best company. I fully appreciate you, and I intend to be a long-time customer."

Ryan S., Florida

"Thank you for the fast and personal response!! To not get just a general company generated email is so refreshing!! You have a loyal customer in my husband and he has told some friends about your product who are also looking for a tobacco alternative."

Kelly M., Indiana

"I just wanted to say thank you again for the great customer service you provided me. I got my dip and have been testing it out all day. The Mint Long Cut is better than most chews I’ve ever had. It keeps its flavor well, feels good in the lip and tastes better than [Big Tobacco brand]. I can see myself switching over to this exclusively. I’m definitely going to join the herd permanently and try to kick the tobacco out of my life. Thanks a lot!"

Josh R., Pennsylvania

"I’m completely in shock by your customer service. Just WOW!!!! Thank you so much! I work with many companies in my line of business and I can honestly say between every account I’ve dealt with, I have never experienced such kind, fast, caring service. It’s such an important value to a company’s success and many fail to realize that. Truthfully, many of the guys at my boyfriend’s department love your dip, which is actually how I found your brand in the first place. We’ll be sure to pass along how amazing this company is. I wish you guys nothing but success!!"

Allison D., Rhode Island

"It’s Thanksgiving morning and I just got paid, but I needed to verify my age before I could buy. I sent an email not expecting a reply until the weekend was over. Ten minutes later I'm all logged in and ordered. I work customer service and these guys are 100x better than me! Thank you Black Buffalo for being so easily accessible!"

Sven G., Washington

Brand Experience

Reviews of Tobacco Alternative Black Buffalo

"Awesome dip guys! I farm and teach. Your Mint Long Cut is what I look forward to! Thanks for the years of commitment to worthy alternative. My brother and I exchange #ChargeAhead texts all the time!"

Marc. C., Missouri

"I just wanted to send you a quick message to express how much I am grateful for your product. I love your story and everything you guys represent. Keep doing what you’re doing because you're miles ahead of anybody else in the market."

Garret B., Alberta

"Hey, I love your product and what you guys are doing. Super pumped for the future of Black Buffalo. Anything I can do to help grow the herd?"

Austin M., MiLB Player, North Carolina

"Dip was a big part of my life. I did 11 years in the military and any time I was away from home, something about tossing in a chew relaxed me more than anything. The free shipping was a big plus in making the decision in trying you guys, and within 8 minutes of ordering I got an email with a tracking number and by 5am the next morning it was out the door and at the post office! Your product was better than I could have expected. You have a new longtime customer!"

Jacob W., Kentucky

"Great service. I placed an order Friday afternoon and it arrived Monday in Texas! Ordered a few times now and have completely quit [Big Tobacco brand] all together. This stuff is great and the flavor lasts a long time. I’ve tried both Wintergreen Long cut and Peach Long Cut and will continue to order regularly."

Matthew M., Texas

"#ChargeAhead means take life by the horns - pun intended - and always look for the best alternatives and opportunities."

Christopher K., Pennsylvania

"Extremely fast shipping and excellent customer service! Highly recommend to anyone trying to find an alternative! I’ve tried other alternates in the past, none have lived up to their hype. Happened to hear Black Buffalo ad on a podcast, and thought I would give it a try. Just received my first order and I am super impressed after using [Big Tobacco brand] for years!"

Nathan W., Indiana

"Holy f*** boys!!! As a Midwest grown hockey player, this dip is no joke, f***ing top shelf!!! I will be advocating this to ALL the boys I know that chew! F***ing hit the nail on the head here boys! Well f***ing done!!!!

AJ L., Illinois

"I love your product, believe the mission, and I'm trying to get my soldiers to use it instead of ripping tin through tin. How can help Black Buffalo grow?"

Noah S., Virginia, First Lieutenant

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