Chargin’ Ahead with NASCAR’s Ryan Blaney

April 28, 2021

Black Buffalo Partners With Ryan Blaney


Proud to announce NASCAR’s Ryan Blaney as Brand Ambassador

It was just a matter of time before Black Buffalo entered the race. And there’s no better man in the driver’s seat than Ryan Blaney. A young David vs. Goliath story in his own right, Ryan embodies much of what Black Buffalo stands for — commitment, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of a dream as a humble winner.

"Black Buffalo relates to me in a special way, they are a family, and I’m very excited to be joining it for years to come. Their determination to ‘Charge Ahead’ is something I challenge myself to do in my personal and professional life.”

Ryan Blaney


Third generation driver. NASCAR superstar. Man of tradition. Leader of the herd.

Just because it’s in your DNA doesn’t guarantee you’re destined for greatness. Legacies are built on blood, sweat, beers, and tears. Ryan Blaney is the real deal. It just so happens that he digs music and whiskey too.

If anybody was born to race, it’s our newest Brand Ambassador and longtime member (now leader) of the herd. Ryan was a NASCAR prodigy at an age when most of us couldn't even parallel park. No wonder he runs laps with legends … and wins.

Growing up in a family of well known drivers didn’t automatically carve an easy path for our rising star partner. If anything, it made him work harder. He respects the foundation that was laid out before him and feels an obligation to carry the torch with class. Ryan gives new meaning to the phrase “10,000 hours to become a master.”

After years of grinding tires and putting in the time, Ryan IS destined for the greatness that wasn’t promised. It’s deserved because it was earned. Ryan is in his 10th season with Team Penske, and according to industry experts, still just getting started. Ryan earned a victory and raced his way into the NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs, which is NASCAR’s premier racing division, for the fourth consecutive season in 2020. He has produced a combined nine wins and seven poles for the team over the last eight seasons.

Badasses badass. Bosses boss. Winners win.

Meet the newest leader of the herd in “Behind The Driver”


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