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Smokeless Tobacco Pouches vs Long Cut

February 18, 2022

Smokeless Tobacco- Pouches vs Long Cut

In the moist smokeless tobacco and modern oral nicotine categories, there are many products and brands available for tobacco users to explore; however, as Black Buffalo touts tradition as one of our preeminent brand tenets, we focus on a robust lineup of tobacco pouches and long cut dipping tobacco alternatives that we feel bring the best of both worlds – just with no tobacco leaf or stem.

Whether you dip long cut or traditional dipping pouches, all of our products contain a simple list of ingredients: edible green leaves from a variety of cabbage, food-grade ingredients, and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine. It took us 20,000+ hours of research and development to perfect this recipe and our processes to replicate the experience – including the flavors, the rich dark color, the pack, the texture, and more – of traditional smokeless tobacco products.

Whatever you dip, however you get your fix, we’re confident that one (or more) of our smokeless snuff pouches and long cut alternatives will help you keep the ritual without compromising on what you love.

The Story Of Our Long Cut Tobacco Alternatives

All of the Black Buffalo team started on long cut tobacco, and our company’s origins lie in our collective quest for a long cut tobacco alternative that is truly satisfying like the traditional products we had used for collective decades. Long before starting Black Buffalo, we tried every available long cut chewing tobacco alternative, but none provided the same experience we knew and loved; so, we decided to do it ourselves, focusing on what’s most important to us in an authentic long cut product: the perfect pinch, the long-lasting flavor, the packability, and the juicy spit.

“Listen, it will be very hard to ever perfectly replicate Gr—- Wintergreen. It’s always my preferred dip … not because it’s good, but rather what I’m used to. However, I’m NEVER disappointed packing a Black Buffalo. Mint is fantastic, tastes great and completely satisfied. The nicotine keeps me from wanting to buy chew. There are others that are decent, but nothing is quite as good as Black Buffalo when it comes to chew alternatives,” said Kent B. of South Dakota.

Everything you love, nothing you don’t. That commitment went into every part of creating our long cut smokeless tobacco alternatives, resulting in a product that dippers of traditional long cut tobacco can keep the ritual without compromising on what they love about dip, without the tobacco leaf or stem.

Black Buffalo Nicotine Long Cut

Black Buffalo smokeless tobacco long cut alternatives are available in five different flavors.

Wintergreen Long Cut Tobacco Alternative

Mint Long Cut Tobacco Alternative

Straight Long Cut Tobacco Alternative

Peach Long Cut Tobacco Alternative

Blood Orange Long Cut Tobacco Alternative

The Story Of Our Smokeless Tobacco Alternative Pouches

In traditional moist smokeless tobacco markets, tobacco pouches had long accounted only a small portion of the category; however, their popularity has grown considerably as tobacco dippers sought a discreet yet satisfying product that they could use when other products may not be most available. For our team, despite being traditional long cut users to the core, we found pouches to be convenient for times as diverse as business meetings to ocean surfing.

In order to create tobacco alternative pouches that delivered the same preeminent quality as our long cut products, we invested in a high-throughput pouch maker from one of the world's leading industrial manufacturers to produce the best possible pouches on the market.

“Pouches have always been my thing. The wintergreen is good, but I like the mint better. This dips like the real thing. Good taste, and has the burn feeling everyone wants. I mainly use these while hunting, so the size of the can and pouches are perfect,” said Robert R. of Arizona.

Packed full of flavor, fluffy pouch texture, and durable pouch material, our tobacco pouches alternatives deliver everything dippers want with nothing they don’t, in a form that’s convenient and accessible however they charge ahead.

Black Buffalo Nicotine Pouches

Black Buffalo smokeless tobacco long cut alternatives are available in five different flavors.

Wintergreen Pouches

Mint Pouches

Straight Pouches

However you charge ahead, Black Buffalo produces smokeless tobacco alternatives guaranteed to suit the preference and lifestyle of any dipper and chewer, whether you opt for our tobacco pouches alternatives or our long cut tobacco alternatives … or both.

“Here's the deal. Whatever reason brought a person to looking at alternatives to traditional tobacco products this is the brand to stick with. I have tried the entire line of long cut and pouches, as well as all the flavors offered. I have been only using this product for months now, and do not have any clue what my old choice of product tasted, felt, packed, or whatever your interest is. This product meets all those criteria so my transition was easy. The best part is their customer service. They actually get back to you, listen to the customer, and try to solve your issue. I know this because I had an issue and reached out expecting the same old run around. Pleasantly, I was surprised to the whole process. As well, I can say I was moved enough to actually write this review. I believe a product is important and that the customer's approval of a product is number 1, but a close second is how the company that produces, sells, and markets that product conducts themselves. I give this product, and the company a positive review,” said Eric S. of California, whose 30 orders of Black Buffalo since July 2020 balance both pouches and long cut products.

Dip your way, and charge ahead like a boss.

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