August 3, 2023



Born in the Midwest. Raising hell in the octagon. As the greatest heavyweight of all-time prepares for his upcoming title fight against Jon Jones on November 11th, 2023, Black Buffalo and Stipe Miocic have officially partnered for reasons beyond one of the biggest cards in the history of the sport.

“Miocic is a little rough around the edges, a champion happiest goofing around and hanging with the guys at the fire station, who chews tobacco and drinks beer outside of training camp, but he could be exactly what the UFC needs right now.” 

~MMAJunkie / USA Today / July 2017


A first-generation son to Croatian immigrant parents, Stipe was born and raised in Ohio where he still lives to this day. Embedded into his DNA are Black Buffalo brand pillars - authenticity, dedication, loyalty, ritual, and tradition. Child prodigy is an understatement. Stipe excelled in multiple sports - baseball, football, and wrestling, to name a few. Serving as a captain and leader came naturally to Miocic, and this notion of leading from the front is still something he practices even after high profile success.

In 2005, Stipe was introduced to the world of MMA by one of his wrestling partners. With the rise of the sport, training gym options were many around the country by this time. True to form, Stipe remained homegrown and home based in Ohio as an MMA heavyweight securing a contract in the most famous organization in the sport in 2011. Over the past decade and change, he’s blazed a trail in the heavyweight division. With an official record of 20-4, electric highlight reel, and an unprecedented title run, there’s a reason his next opponent, Jon Jones, called him out as the “greatest heavyweight of all-time”.

Badass members of the herd are nothing new to Black Buffalo. More important is character when it comes to roaming with us. The man behind the fighter that is Stipe Miocic is far more impressive to Black Buffalo than his accolades. After years of part-time firefighter and paramedic training, Stipe joined a fire station full-time in 2022. The former heavyweight champion chooses to spend his time helping others and being a teammate. In fact, Stipe takes PTO to excite crowds in the octagon. Having puzzled interviewers and commentators with this over the years, his answer has always been simple. He takes pride in staying busy and working hard. It’s also part of his vision to have steady benefits and meaningful work for the sake of his family beyond his MMA career, which is an impossible dream to last forever.

Stipe Miocic embodies the Black Buffalo Way. And these days he does so with a can of Black Buffalo Straight Long Cut in his pocket. Authentically committed and dedicated, he sacrifices his time for the greater good of his herd and the American people. Win, lose, or draw, Black Buffalo is in Stipe’s corner.

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