What Makes Black Buffalo Pouches the Best?

December 8, 2021

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After 20,000+ hours of R&D, Black Buffalo succeeded where all other tobacco alternative companies failed: creating pouches without tobacco leaf or stem that satisfy like the real thing. The reason: there were no pouches (alternatives) that dipped … like dip. So part of Black Buffalo’s mission was to create the best pouch.

The taste, the texture, the rich dark color, and even the badass packaging — Black Buffalo pushed product development until they had pouches that the founders, as long-time users of traditional pouches, would switch to themselves. Sourcing American made components, employing time-honored production techniques, and listening to a growing customer base across the country, Black Buffalo has charged ahead to become the only viable alternative producer of both nicotine free pouches (ZERO) and pouches for the millions of tobacco consumers nationwide. 

Simply put, Black Buffalo pouches are the best because they have everything dippers love about traditional chew, and nothing they don’t. Thousands of customer reviews from “the herd” agree.


Everything You Love, Nothing You Don’t

Customers are coming to Black Buffalo from a wide variety of traditional smokeless tobacco long cut brands and pouches, each with their own unique flavor, consistency, and overall experience. All traditional smokeless tobacco products share at least one common trait: they contain tobacco leaf and stem, ingredients that a vast portion of dippers are looking to move away from while maintaining the ritual of chewing. 

“I’ve been using nicotine pouches ever since I started my first corporate job as an alternative to long cut, because they’re cleaner and more discreet, but I didn’t want to continue using traditional tobacco products for a variety of reasons,” said Rich L., a Rhode Island consumer of Black Buffalo Wintergreen Pouches. “The Black Buffalo nicotine free ZERO products and pouches give me everything I want in a tobacco alternative. The same experience, without the tobacco leaf or stem.”

There were many challenges in making the best pouch for consumers of any traditional smokeless tobacco brand, but a commitment to quality, perfection, and our fellow dippers across the country have made it all possible.


Making The Best Pouch

Among the most important challenges to overcome in creating the best pouch was to match the experience of using traditional smokeless tobacco products using a base ingredient that had never been used before in this way. A specific variety of cabbage, the edible green leaf that Black Buffalo uses has been studied, tested, and ultimately perfected as a base replacement for the tobacco leaf or stem of traditional smokeless products. 

“When I tried my first can of Black Buffalo pouches, I did not believe it was an alternative. I had of course tried all the other alternatives on the market, and they were all terrible, but I had also dipped most regular tobacco pouches, too,” said Johnny B., a Wisconsin consumer of Black Buffalo Straight Pouches. “These pouches from Black Buffalo are seriously the best I’ve ever had, from any dip company. Period.”

One of the goals of Black Buffalo has always been to create the best nicotine free pouches and pouches out of all available tobacco alternatives on the market; however, many customer reviews on the website for each product claim the experience is as good and even better than traditional smokeless tobacco brands. 


Black Buffalo Pouches

Available in three flavors, Black Buffalo pouches contain the same content as traditional smokeless tobacco brands. Each pouch is packed full of flavor that can last as long (or longer) as dippers are accustomed to using, further ensuring customers never compromise what they love about dipping when giving up what they don’t.

The three flavors of Black Buffalo pouches are Wintergreen, Mint, and Straight. 

  • Black Buffalo Wintergreen Pouches feature a bold, bright wintergreen flavor that really satisfies at a net weight of .82 oz per can. 
  • Black Buffalo Mint Pouches feature a crisp blend of peppermint and spearmint with just a hint of sweet at a net weight of .82 oz per can.
  • Black Buffalo Straight Pouches delivers a true straight tobacco flavor at a net weight of .82 oz per can.

Normally available in two-packs and five-packs, customers can also sign up to auto-ship subscriptions of the Black Buffalo Pouches to be sent out in 15 or 30 day intervals of quantities of 10, 15, or 20 cans. 

It’s not simply the commitment to quality and perfection that has helped Black Buffalo produce the best pouch; Black Buffalo’s dedication to its customer base - affectionately called the herd - helps guarantee the best possible experience from beginning to end.


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