WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

No Nicotine, No Tobacco, No Problem: Is Black Buffalo Zero For You?

December 20, 2021

No Nicotine, No Tobacco, No Problem: Is Black Buffalo Zero For You?

Black Buffalo’s no nicotine tobacco alternative ZERO products finally offer dippers everything they love about traditional smokeless tobacco products with nothing they don’t: no nicotine, no tobacco, and all of the experience of regular chew. 

Made with edible green leaves and food-grade ingredients, Black Buffalo ZERO no nicotine pouches and long cut provide the same flavor, the same texture, the same rich dark color, and the same overall experience that dippers of traditional smokeless tobacco products have come to enjoy in their favorite brands. Black Buffalo is not the first company to create a lineup of nicotine free products, but none come close to replicating the experience of traditional chew … trust us, we tried them all long before launching Black Buffalo.

The difference in our tobacco free products is that Black Buffalo ZERO doesn’t make dippers compromise on what they love about dipping when ditching the tobacco and the nicotine. It truly is everything you love, nothing you don’t.


What is a No Nicotine Product?

Nicotine free products are exactly what they sound like: products that do not contain nicotine. Our lineup of ZERO products do not contain nicotine and do not contain tobacco; they are made exclusively of edible green leaves from a variety of cabbage and a simple list of food-grade ingredients. Through 20,000+ hours of research and development, we discovered the perfect formula to create both nicotine and no nicotine tobacco alternatives that yielded the same experience as traditional smokeless tobacco. 

“I’ve been dipping regular chew for decades. When I first tried Black Buffalo’s Wintergreen ZERO Long Cut, I couldn’t tell the difference in terms of taste and texture from my usual everyday dip. I didn’t even miss the nicotine. I never thought I’d find a substitute to tobacco, but these ZERO products finally helped me keep the ritual of dipping that I love while helping me cut out tobacco and nicotine altogether. It’s amazing. I’ve even been using the no nicotine pouches, which I never really did before Black Buffalo, because they’re so easy and so packed with flavor, whenever I’m out and feel a sudden craving. I’m not even tempted to go back to regular tobacco products,” said Larry D. from Alabama.

Buy Black Buffalo ZERO is a no nonsense experience for those who want to continue the ritual of dipping that they had come to crave from traditional smokeless products, but want to do away with tobacco and nicotine for whatever reason.


How Do You Use Black Buffalo ZERO Nicotine Free Products

Black Buffalo’s ZERO non nicotine product is meant to be used like any traditional dip. There is a long cut form made to look and emulate tobacco from a variety of cabbage. Just like the traditional dip product you pinch an appropriate amount of the Zero and tuck it into your lip and let it rest there. Also, for the less messy folks out there Black Buffalo offers a pouch version of our non nicotine product. Same deal as above, just pop a pouch in the pocket of your upper lip and let the pouch do the rest of the work.

“I’ve used both long cut and pouches for years when dipping regular tobacco chew. Long cut for at home, especially in the morning with coffee or doing yard work, and during long drives. Pouches for at work at the office or if I’m out with the family. The nice thing about Black Buffalo ZERO is their long cut and pouches products are so similar to the real thing, my dipping rituals haven’t changed at all, just no nicotine and no tobacco now. I couldn’t imagine going no nicotine tobacco free without Black Buffalo ZERO. Thankfully, I don’t have to give up anything while at the same time letting go of everything I didn’t like about tobacco,” said Jon R. from Tennessee.

Black Buffalo ZERO’s lineup of nicotine free, tobacco free products are so close to the real deal that they can be used the same way as dippers would use the traditional smokeless tobacco products they are used to, without compromise.


Flavors of Black Buffalo ZERO Tobacco Free Products

Black Buffalo ZERO offers five different flavors of no nicotine tobacco alternative products in two different forms.

Black Buffalo ZERO No Nicotine Pouches

Black Buffalo ZERO No Nicotine Long Cut

Like switching from caffeinated coffee to decaf, or from regular soda to sugar-free drinks, there are a variety of reasons consumers of traditional smokeless tobacco would want to switch to a no nicotine tobacco alternative. For whatever reason, we want to ensure you don’t have to compromise on anything you love about the original when making the transition away from nicotine. 

Black Buffalo ZERO is committed to giving you everything you love, nothing you don’t.


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