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Chargin' Ahead With Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone

April 22, 2020

Best Tobacco Alternative Donald Cowboy Cerrone

Proud to announce Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone as Brand Ambassador

If you know anything about certified badasses, Cowboy has likely come across your radar.  As someone who's dipped Big Tobacco for most of his adult life, the starting point for our partnership was obvious. More importantly, Cowboy is a class act who's widely respected by his community, family, and peers. His lifestyle is full of honor, ritual, and tradition, which makes him the personification of Charge Ahead.

"Just do what you want to. One day tomorrow won't be there. My grandma would quote Abraham Lincoln all the time: 'Whatever you do in life, be a good one.'" 


Chargin' Ahead With Donald "Cowboy"


Professional bull rider. UFC record holder. Family man. Leader of the herd. 

Unconventional journeys lead to extraordinary destinations. On paper, Cowboy isn't supposed to be the success story that he is today. Diagnosed with attention deficit disorder at a young age, Cowboy got used to overcoming obstacles early in life.

He discovered two passions that he had no difficulty focusing on - bull riding and martial arts. Sports that require discipline and respect in order to excel. The road ahead was unclear, but Cowboy was all in.

After making a name for himself as a mixed martial arts "Freedom Fighter" in his home state of Colorado, Cowboy began training with an all-star roster of MMA talent in New Mexico. Through old fashioned hard work and unrelenting focus, Cowboy caught his stride. He earned multiple Black Belts and kept winning in World Extreme Cagefighting which later merged with Ultimate Fighting Championship.

From February 5th, 2005 to January 18th, 2020, Cowboy participated in 34 bouts (fights) - a UFC and Guinness World Record. His character has set him apart in a sport of big personalities and violence. Like a Cape buffalo, Cowboy humbly roams on his own path and makes a hell of a lot of noise when the time is right.

We'll catch up with Cowboy on his visionary BMF Ranch later this year, where he lives, trains, and takes care of his own herd. Welcome to the Black Buffalo herd, Cowboy.


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