Winners Know What To Quit

January 30, 2020

Black Buffalo Tobacco Alternative Blog on Why To Quit Tobacco

We’ve learned a few lessons from our Special Operations Forces friends about the “never give up” mentality. Contrary to popular belief, quitting is for winners. It takes guts to know when to change direction, what to leave behind, and how to demand more from life. When it comes to greatness, there are things you must quit in pursuit of something you’ll never give up on. 

On the surface, the obvious habit we want you to ditch is dipping traditional tobacco products, but this goes much deeper than that. Maybe you’re working a job you can’t stand, in a relationship that’s toxic, or you have daily rituals that don’t suit your goals. The best part about being a member of the herd is that you are not alone. We support you, boss. 

The road ahead is unclear. It’s full of unexpected traffic, potholes, and detours. That’s life. How you respond … that’s character. Here are some badasses who chose the difficult path because it was worth it to them. We encourage you to Charge Ahead the same way.


NCAA and NFL football star. Fame and multi-million dollar contracts. Army Ranger and war hero. 

Not your typical path. After dedicating his life to succeed in the sport he loved, Pat quit football to join the fight after the world changed on 9/11. He turned down a $3.6 million contract with the Arizona Cardinals to do so. Transitioning from the top 1% of athletes to the top 1% of military personnel requires a drive most of us dream of. You could do it too with Pat’s level of determination and sacrifice.

Pat was tragically killed in April 2004 at the age of 27. He is a decorated war hero and his legacy lives on through The Pat Tillman Foundation. We made a donation today, please join us in supporting them.



Told he was ugly. Broke. Sold his dog for his dream. Bought the dog back.

Before becoming the megastar we all know today, Sylvester Stallone was once doubted by the entire film industry. As a young actor who “looked and talked funny,” casting agents denied him auditions. He refused to quit and started writing movies as another way to break through. “Sly” didn’t settle for a regular day job because it would’ve impacted his hunger for Hollywood. Instead, he had to make the heartbreaking decision to sell his dog at a liquor store for $25 to keep charging ahead.

Backed into a corner like Rocky, Sylvester wrote the movie in only 20 hours. He then shopped it around to the same agents that told him no. After receiving offers for hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy the rights, Sylvester continued to push to star in the film. Agents and directors thought it would never work. He ultimately sold the script for less than 10% of its value for $35,000 for a chance to play the lead role. In order to preserve his dream of being a famous actor, Sylvester had to quit his immediate goals and take the road less traveled by first becoming an underpaid screenwriter.

It worked. The movie was a box office smash and won multiple Oscar awards. Sly went back to the same liquor store he sold his dog in front of and bought him back for $15,000.




Trauma from a loved one’s suicide. Called “crazy” by the medical community. Started a cold wave of impact on modern day health and wellness. 

Wim Hof is not your ordinary Dutchman. “The Iceman” has been revolutionizing ways to control the body and mind through breathing techniques for decades. It’s allowed him to set dozens of Guinness World Records and controversially challenge concepts in traditional medicine. He's a fellow David vs. a different Goliath.

After experiencing tragedy in 1995, Wim quit traditional ways of thinking and began training himself with a personalized methodology to cure his sadness. Like Black Buffalo’s ingredient list, the makeup of his routine is shockingly simple. It’s the application and discipline to execute that’s the hard part. He developed the “Wim Hof Method,” which is a widely publicized strategy rooted in three pillars: breathing, cold water therapy, and commitment.

We’re not here to preach some Tony Robbins shit on you. And we’re definitely not doctors. Do we sound like doctors? Nope. Maybe you’ll be inspired by Wim’s techniques. Maybe you’ll find them just as stupid as some of the old school medical community. Whatever your stance, knowledge is power. And in the words of Wim, “All the love, all the power.”


There are certain things in life you should quit and other things you should never give up on. Only you have those answers. Everyone’s journey to their personal destination of greatness begins somewhere. The spark for change resides within all of us. Find the path that works for you and Charge Ahead like the beast you truly are deep down inside.


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