Charge Ahead Into 2020 With $2020

December 27, 2019

Tobacco Alternative Black Buffalo Cash Giveaway

From purchasing our very own pouch-maker to launching our rewards program, Black Buffalo is closing out 2019 with our horns held high. We’re sharing the success with a New Years Eve Referral Contest for the ones who made it all possible: the herd.

From Friday (12/27/19) - Tuesday (12/31/19), you can win up to $2020 by referring friends and family to Black Buffalo. All you have to do is click a few buttons ... a lot. Refer as many of your fellow dippers to make their first purchase on with your unique referral link. At midnight CST on New Years (1/1/20), we’ll contact those who referred the most new customers to Black Buffalo. If the lucky winner(s) has Venmo or Chase QuickPay, we'll send the winnings immediately so you can celebrate all night. 

Win cash by helping your friends Keep The Ritual, Ditch The Tobacco for their New Year’s Resolution.

Tobacco Alternative Black Buffalo Cash Contest

Strength Of The Herd

When we launched Black Buffalo, our goal was to create the world’s best smokeless tobacco alternative that dippers from all walks of life could switch to and keep the ritual. Now that we have, we’re committed to growing the herd into a community of Dippers And Doers who Charge Ahead their own way

By spreading the word with your referral link, you’re helping us grow the herd. Your friend finds an awesome tobacco alternative. You earn Herd Points to redeem for discounts. Black Buffalo continues to grow into a beast as David vs. Goliath (Big Tobacco). And we can share our success with you in a cash giveaway like this. 

Help Us Grow, We’ll Help You Grow

In our eyes, you’re much more than a customer, and we want to be a lot more than just a company. Our customer service team of Dip Angels don’t just know that your go-to flavor is Wintergreen Long Cut, they also remember that your favorite NFL team is the Chicago Bears. Our Dip Angels even memorize many of your delivery requests, and our co-founders read all your reviews. 

That’s why we’re launching this New Years Eve Referral Contest, just like we did in Spring 2018. You can buy a lot of dip with $2020, but we’re not just sending you a Black Buffalo gift card. We want you to indulge with your winnings however you want, because we all Charge Ahead our own way. 

Tobacco Alternative Black Buffalo New Years Eve

Let’s Do This. How Do I Participate? 

Participation in the contest is easy. Click on your rewards dashboard (the gold crown in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen) and scroll to your referrals section. Copy your unique referral link and blast that thing out to anyone that might dig Black Buffalo. You can send via text or email, post on social media, heck, print it out and make it rain referrals at the bar. We're calling on the herd to help us grow and rewarding you accordingly.

Each time someone makes their first purchase of Black Buffalo using your referral link, you move up the leaderboard. Important: only new customers can use the referral code, so no double-dippin’ … pun intended. Members of the herd who gain the most referrals between Friday (12/27/19) and 11:59 pm CST Tuesday (12/31/19) will win the cash. 

Buy Dip. Refer Friends. Get Rewarded. Charge Ahead. 

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