Let’s Talk About Tobacco Free Alternatives

February 28, 2022


let's talk about tobacco-free alternatives


No tobacco. No nicotine. 100% ritual. That’s what the best tobacco free alternatives proclaim, but, as anyone who’s tried a few tobacco free dips know, there are few that can truly attest to this.

It took us 20,000 hours and years of R&D to create Black Buffalo. It wasn’t easy, but we found a way to make a specific variety of edible green leaves behave like tobacco and simply add food-safe ingredients, yielding a product with the same texture, the same flavor, the same packability, all just without the tobacco or the nicotine. Everything you love, nothing you don’t.

Black Buffalo ZERO Long Cut and Pouches are the only true viable tobacco free alternatives to smokeless tobacco products for the folks who want to keep the ritual of dipping but without the tobacco or nicotine.

What Is Tobacco Free Dip?

Tobacco free dip is more than just a product that does not contain tobacco or nicotine. It’s the ritual, the flavor, the texture that truly distinguishes a true tobacco free alternative from just a product that does not contain tobacco or nicotine. It’s the authentic experience of cracking a can, packing a pinch or a pouch, and enjoying the familiarity of your favorite flavor and traditional texture – all without tobacco or nicotine.

“I can’t thank Black Buffalo enough,” said Pete M. from New Jersey. “I had been using Black Buffalo Mint Long Cut for over a year. Well, I made the decision to phase out the nicotine and I’ve been completely off it for 4 months. It’s hard and the alternatives out there aren’t that great. When I heard BB came out with a ZERO version I ordered right away. I can finally have my favorite chew taste without compromising on my commitment to be nicotine free. Thank you Black Buffalo! You guys rock.”

No compromise. That’s the biggest differentiating factor between true tobacco free alternatives and mere a tobacco free product. We didn’t stop R&D till we had an alternative that we ourselves as tobacco chewers and dippers would want to switch to, and we haven’t looked back since.

Who Buys Tobacco Free Alternatives?

There are a lot of reasons why a tobacco dipper would want to try an alternative to traditional smokeless tobacco. Whether they’re trying to move away from tobacco and nicotine altogether or perhaps mixing up their daily ritual with a bit of ZERO to wind down in the evenings, our tobacco free alternatives are made for all 21+ users of traditional smokeless tobacco products wherever they’re at in their personal journey.

“My wife and I are trying to get pregnant and we ended up going through the IVF route. They told me i had to quit tobacco and nicotine all together for 3 months. I chew 5 cans of Gr***** wintergreen pouches a week and when I was told I had to quit, I was shaking in my boots trying to find the next best alternative. I came across BB and i haven't looked back since. It's now been 5 months and I still use Black Buffalo. I use Mint ZERO and I can honestly say I can't tell a difference. Still burns still juicy and it lasts way longer! Awesome product!” said Michael M. from Missouri. 

Mad props to you for even starting to look for a tobacco free dip. No matter why you’re here, you’re in good company. Give it a try. If you don’t like it, email us at info@blackbuffalo.com for a full refund.

What Separates Black Buffalo From the Rest of the Pack?

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, we’re avid tobacco dippers ourselves. With over 50 combined years of chewing traditional smokeless tobacco products, the Black Buffalo team all had very specific parameters for creating a tobacco free alternative: it had to have the same taste, the same texture, the same rich dark color, the same packability, the same badass branding, and the same overall experience as the real thing. Most importantly, it had to be good enough for us to switch to ourselves. Currently dippin’ our long cut tobacco now as we type this. But we’re not alone.

“I’m beyond impressed,” said Greg L. from Ohio. “I gotta start this off by saying WOW. I’ve been a smoker for maybe 14 years give or take. Then I quit smoking cigarettes to start vaping, which after 4 years of that I wanted to quit doing that as well, so I started chewing tobacco, (which I’ve done a few times in between smoking) and I know it wasn’t smart to start back up again. So I searched and searched for the perfect replacement for chewing and I just kept running into dead ends. I always study hard before making a purchase, so I came across this website and I’m glad I did. I just got my order today and I couldn’t be happier. So when I placed my order I actually made a mistake, I ordered the wintergreen nicotine but wanted zero MG and I ordered a pack of 5. When sending a email to the company telling them my mistake they were very quick to reply and fix the problem. That was a good start, second was how fast the shipping was. Third was when I got my package I had 5 wintergreen tobacco free pouches and 5 blood orange tobacco free pouches. They still sent the original 5 I canceled and that was mad cool of them to do. So I’m using a blood orange right now and I gotta say, IMPRESSIVE. The flavor is amazing, the lifespan is good and they are just like the real thing, probably the closest thing you’re gonna find. I haven’t tried the wintergreen yet, but looking forward to it. With these I don’t see myself picking up another can of Sk*** ever again. I’m so glad I found this website and company. Couldn’t recommend more.”

Black Buffalo ZERO tobacco free alternative is available in both Long Cut and Pouches in various flavors, including Wintergreen, Mint and more. Welcome to the herd.

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