7 Reasons to Chew Tobaccoless Dip

March 6, 2022

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Ever met a Southerner from the ’50s? 

You’d know how much they love their dip.

Art, whiskey, Elvis, and tobacco. That’s the way down south. Southerners have an unwavering sense of loyalty in their culture and traditions. They’re fiercely passionate about their heritage and will do anything to protect the things they love. Including tobacco.

Dipping is an art that has transcended generations. Although smokeless tobacco is one way to mitigate the harmful effects of smoking, there are still some health risks involved. Black Buffalo is at the front of the line in a bid to preserve the dipping culture, but with no health consequences. Our answer is to go tobacco-free.

Why Chew Tobaccoless Dip?

Like our new product line, ZERO, Black Buffalo pouches contain zero nicotine and zero tobacco. Yet, they provide the same satisfaction you get from chewing the real thing. If you want the same buzz that nicotine provides, there’s something for you too! The nicotine isn’t sourced from tobacco leaves or stems, so you’re sure that you’re staying tobacco-free.

Black Buffalo provides the same texture, same flavor, and the same tradition you’re used to, with no health consequences whatsoever. Here’s why we recommend chewing tobaccoless dip:

1. Limited Health Risks

The harmful effects of tobacco use cannot be undermined. Although smokeless alternatives mitigate these effects, there’s still some level of risk involved when you chew dip regularly. The nicotine levels contained in tobacco leaves and stems are quite addictive, and they can cause diseases from gum infections to oral cancer. 

By eliminating the tobacco itself from smokeless tobacco products, Black Buffalo offers an opportunity to chew the dip without worrying about certain health concerns. While the FDA prevents us from making any risk-free claims, our tobaccoless products are only made of edible leaves and food-grade ingredients. Zero tobacco. 

2. Diverse Flavors

From the regular Southern flavor to our favorite wintergreen pouches, Black Buffalo aims to please. We offer tobacco-free dips in multiple flavors that’s sure to thrill your tastebuds and bring a smile to your face the second it hits.

You can check out the website to get the diverse flavors we offer in pouches and long cut form. If you’ve quit nicotine or you’re looking to reduce your intake, our ZERO product line is for you. 

3. Tastes Like the Real Thing

Home is where the heart is. For us, home is where we can get the entire tobacco experience without the tobacco. Our standing motto is to provide “Everything you love, nothing you don’t!” After over 50 years of failed trials and multiple testing phases, we’ve finally created a product that’s so similar to the real deal it’s scary. 

Taste, texture, and the same burn, we’ve got it all; down to the moment when you mistakenly swallow. We only use all-natural ingredients to give you the same experience. It’s not real tobacco, but it sure feels like it. 

4. Honor The Ritual

Tradition is an integral part of the Southern lifestyle, and dipping is a part of our culture. Even though you don’t want the nicotine rush, the routine of dipping is a time-honored ritual. Satisfy your cravings by popping a pouch or some long cut in whenever you want without thinking of all the tobacco you may be ingesting. There’s none.

5. Break The Addiction

Statistics show that the nicotine in tobacco can be as addictive as heroin or cocaine. Little wonder why many can’t quit cold turkey. Many manufacturers have tried to make nicotine products that can replicate tobacco’s familiar buzz, including gum and patches, but the experience is not the same. 

The journey to quitting nicotine addiction can be a long and arduous one. However, research shows that tobaccoless alternatives may be the way to helping people break free. Black Buffalo is not only leading the tobaccoless dip movement, but we’re taking charge over the nicotine free movement as well. These smokeless and tobaccoless products taste like what you’re used to and give you the familiar buzz you get with the real deal. Only this time, there’s no tobacco involved. 

6. Prevent Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

Like anyone who wants to break free of any addiction, withdrawal symptoms can immediately shatter your resolve. The cravings and insomnia can be unbearable, and the headaches are bad enough to make your brain foggy. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms can last from a few days to several weeks, depending on how much you’ve been consuming. 

Rather than abruptly stop your nicotine intake, we prefer the slow and steady method. With new tobaccoless alternatives, you can continue your dipping routine without the nicotine. Black Buffalo’s ZERO offers a unique way to keep dipping with zero tobacco and nicotine ingredients. Dipping with ZERO products when you feel stressed is one way to calm your nerves and reduce the effects of the nicotine leaving your bloodstream.

7. Join The Trend

The harmful effects of tobacco cannot be overemphasized. Especially for those who use it recreationally, the health risks are the same, regardless of whether you smoke or go smokeless. Recently, there has been a renewed emphasis on preserving the dipping ritual while ditching the tobacco, and Black Buffalo leads the throng. 

Smokeless, tobacco-free alternatives are the best way to preserve the dipping culture in light of the health concerns surrounding tobacco consumption. The tobacco-free market is thriving, and everyone is hopping on the trend. Join us, you won’t regret it.

Charge Ahead with Smokeless Alternatives

Perfection doesn’t occur overnight. We’ve has built a reputable brand that caters to the entire Southland and beyond. Wherever there’s someone who wants a tobacco-free, smokeless alternative to chew and dip, you can be sure that we can give them what they need. 

Ready to charge ahead? 

Check out our full collection of products on our website. Ours is to offer an all-natural chewing substitute that tastes and feels like the real stuff. You can also register your email with us to get firsthand information about our products, promotional discounts, and many more. Charge ahead with us today!

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